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Booking Tips

When booking a session please note that each "available" bar on the daily schedule page represents 15 minutes. One needs 3 bars for a 30 minute session and 5 bars for an hour massage to enable the therapist enough time for the session and 15 minutes in between. A single "available" bar may not represent enough time for a whole session.

Check 5 available bars for an hour session.

Check 3 for a 30 minute session.

Once you have checked the session length you may book at any “available” bar not greyed-out.

When should I come back?

This is the most commonly asked question. We defer that question to another:

What are your wellness goals?

We believe that given the overall benefits of massage for body, mind, and spirit the answer is: as often as you can handle it physically, emotionally and financially.

What is optimum for Pain relief?

It depends. Some problems respond quickly and are gone in one or two sessions. Others have either developed over a long time and are more complex involving multiple areas or are exacerbated by ongoing activity. For most people with more serious conditions you will see lasting relief in 8-10 sessions. You may see it much sooner. Twice a week will show quicker results and reduce extreme symptoms to a tolerable level much faster.

Does Insurance pay for Massage?

Auto Insurance for Accident claims, Worker’s Comp and many Flex-Plans will reimburse for Massage Therapy. Some require a prescription from your doctor or chiropractor. Some Health Insurance will pay but check with them first; few plans are comprehensive enough to include it.

** Check with your therapist on their policy for payment for “Insurance pay” clients. Since we are small business owners we get paid on the work we do each week. Frequently we will ask you to pay us and we will provide you with the documentation to seek reimbursement. We have the convenience of taking credit card payments so that you can finance your own treatment.

For Worker’s Comp and auto accidents we keep detailed notes that you can obtain when needed. Because treatments for accident injuries can be more involved than a maintenance or relaxation session you may be asked to book a slightly longer session. This is to provide more time to do thorough intake each time and accurate record keeping and documentation so that all the details are in order when requested. This also helps us evaluate the treatment plan as you progress.